The Drawing Exchange: 17 September—12 October

The Drawing Exchange
17 September—12 October 2018, Rayner Hoff Project Space
Opening Night: 18 September, 5-7pm

Presenting new work by six pairs of artists, created through long-distance collaboration between two cities, The Drawing Exchange 2018 explores drawing as a form of dialogue. With exhibitions running concurrently at the National Art School, Sydney and the Adelaide Central School of Art, The Drawing Exchange 2018 will serve as a point of discussion about diverse ideas of drawing in contemporary art, and demonstrate drawing’s manifestation in a range of media and art forms, from pencil and paper to installation, sculpture and digital media.

The Drawing Exchange 2018 is a two part exhibition staged in partnership between the nation’s top art schools. Six collaborative duos will produce new works in Adelaide Central School of Art and the National Art School in Sydney. This exhibition seeks to foreground the communicative potentials of drawing and the medium’s capacity for exciting collaboration. 

Artist Pairs:
Louise Haselton and Damian Dillon
Bernadette Klavins and Toni Warburton
Michael Kutschbach and Marian Tubbs
Mary-Jean Richardson and Chelsea Lehmann
Hossein Valamanesh and Gary Deirmendjian
Laura Wills and Kirtika Kain

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