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Sophie Cape, 'Self Portrait', 2008, oil on canvas, 30 x 30 cm, National Art School Collection, donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program by the artist, 2018, © the artist

National Art Part One

Learning Resource

This resource is predominantly aimed for use in Stage 6 Visual Arts but can also form the basis for inquiry for Stages 4-5. Through an analysis of a catalogue essay and a focus on the artists in the exhibition, the resource addresses the conceptual framework and explores the roles and relationships between artist, art work, world and audience.

Students will be able to use this resource in conjunction with the works in the exhibition to engage in a critical and historical study of the art world and to investigate artists, artworks, worlds and audiences from a range of cultural, political, historical and social perspectives and use these to inform their own artmaking practices.

In examining the works showcased in the exhibition as part of a collection, the students will gain an understanding of the value of the audience as a body of critical consumers and will appreciate their own role, as well as those of the critic, as audience members. The students’ investigation of the range of expressive forms, themes and genres which the works encompass, will also serve to inform their artmaking.

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