Alumni Exhibitions

At any one time there are hundreds of exhibitions around the world featuring NAS Alumni. Here is a selection of alumni, staff and student exhibitions on this month. If you would like to submit details of your exhibition – please contact our Alumni Coordinator.


NAS ceramics lecturer Stephen Bird has a solo exhibition, Kiln Gods, on view at the Edinburgh Art Festival, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland. Exhibition: 24 July – 24 August 2019

NAS alumna Georgia Saxelby has a solo exhibition, Lullaby, on view at the Embassy of Australia, Washington DC, USA. Exhibition: 10 July – 18 October 2019

NAS alumna Sandy Lockwood has a solo exhibition, UNEARTHED ELEMENTS, on view at Lacoste Keane Gallery, Concord, Massachusetts, USA. Exhibition: 5 – 26 October 2019

New South Wales

Museum of Sydney
Anne Zahalka: Citizens of our Cities
8 December – 21 July 2019
Anne Zahalka is a NAS alumna.
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Murray Art Museum Albury
Pyjama Girl
13 June – 28 July 2019
Elizabeth Rankin is NAS alumna.
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Art Gallery
Beauty & the Bush
23 July – 3 August 2019
Group exhibition featuring the work of NAS alumna Jude Fleming.
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Shervin Gallery
Salon des Refusés 2019
11 May – 28 July 2019
Group exhibition featuring the work of NAS alumni Marie Mansfield, Lilli Stromland, Andrew Sullivan, Madeleine Winch, Elisabeth Cummings, Nicole Kelly and Angus Nivison, Fellow Wendy Sharpe, sessional Painting Lecturer Rodney Pople and former staff member Noel McKenna.
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NAS Fellow and alumna Helen Gauchat has a solo exhibition, BUSH – Five miles from home, on view at Mary Place. Exhibition: 31 July – 22 August 2019

NAS alumni Elham Ahmadi and Ji Hong (Annie) Huang are part of a group exhibition, Opulence, on view at Foundation Court of Parliament New South Wales. Exhibition: 2 July – 1 August 2019

NAS alumni Wendy Choen and Loulia Ourovski have a joint exhibition on view at Factory49. Exhibition: 17 – 27 July 2019

NAS alumna Kirtika Kain has a solo exhibition on view at Roslyn Oxley9. Exhibition: 11 July – 13 August 2019

Congratulations to NAS Head of Ceramics Lynda Draper for winning the 2019 Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramic Prize. NAS alumna Juz Kitson and lecturer Stephen Bird were also finalists. The prize is on view at Shepparton Art Museum. Exhibition: 22 June – 1 September 2019

NAS alumna Ann Thomson has a solo exhibition on view at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Exhibition: 15 June – September 2019

NAS alumna Francesca Zak has a solo exhibition, Beben y Beben, on view at Firstdraft. Exhibition: 3 – 26 July 2019

NAS alumna Lucy Culliton has a solo exhibition, Bibbenluke botanicals, on view at King Street Gallery. Exhibition: 9 July – 3 August 2019

NAS alumna Kiata Mason has a solo exhibition, The Theatrical Eye, on view at Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre. Exhibition: 7 July – 25 August 2019

NAS Fellow Wendy Sharpe and former NAS Director Bernard Ollis have an exhibition, Elsewhere: Travels through Syria, Iran, Egypt, Morocco and Central Asia, on view at Glasshouse Port Macquarie. Exhibition: 13 July – 29 September 2019

NAS alumus Ken Done has a solo exhibition of new work on view at The Ken Done Gallery. Exhibition: 19 June – 14 August 2019

NAS alumna Sylvie Veness is part of a group exhibition, Affinity, on view at STACKS Projects. Exhibition: 25 July – 11 August 2019

NAS alumna Sarah Schmelzer has a solo exhibition on view at Warringah Creative Space. Exhibition: 3 – 13 October 2019

NAS alumna Ida Lawrence is part of a group exhibition, In Conversation: FX Harsono x Ida Lawrence, on view at Fairfield City Museum & Gallery. Exhibition: 13 July – 12 October 2019

NAS alumnus Dick Watkins has a solo exhibition, Pain/Bread, on view at Liverpool Street Gallery. Exhibition: 12 July – 7 August 2019

NAS alumna Samantha Stephenson, alumnus and current staff member Simon Hodgson and former teacher Clement Meadmore have a group exhibition, BRONZE & STEEL, on view Robin Gibson Gallery. Exhibition: 13 July – 7 August 2019

NAS alumna Marta Ferracin has been selected for Eden Unearthed 2019, on view at Eden Gardens. Exhibition: 1 August 2019 – 31 January 2020

Australian Capital Territory

Drill Hall Gallery
The DNA of Colour
21 June – 11 August 2019
Ildiko Kovacs is a NAS alumna.
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NAS alumnus James Nguyen is part of a group exhibition, For Love or Money, on view at Town Hall Gallery, Victoria. Exhibition: 6 July – 25 August 2019



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