Alumni Exhibitions

At any one time there are hundreds of exhibitions around the world featuring NAS Alumni. Here is a selection of alumni, staff and student exhibitions on this month. If you would like to submit details of your exhibition – please contact our Marketing Team.


NAS lecturer Rolande Souliere is part of the group exhibition, Society, on view online at Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada. Exhibition: 28 May – 1 December 2020

NAS alumna and staff Dr Sandy Lockwood is part of an online group exhibition, Strong, Resilient, Feminine at Schaller Gallery, Baroda, Michigan, USA. Exhibition: From 15 December 2020

New South Wales

NAS alumna Holly Macdonald has a solo exhibition, Inside Outside, on view at Sabbia Gallery. Exhibition: 28 November – 22 December 2020

NAS alumna and staff Sophie Cape has a solo exhibition, Flash Point, on view at Olsen Gallery. Exhibition: 25 November – 12 December 2020

NAS Head of Painting Stephen Little has a solo exhibition, Harbinger Suite, on view at Kronenberg Mais Wright. Exhibition: 28 November – 19 December 2020

NAS alumnus Jumaadi is part of a group exhibition, Connected: MCA Collection, on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. Exhibition: 2 October 2020 – 2 May 2021

NAS staff Gary Deirmendjian has his work presence airing on WYNSCREEN at Wynyard Station. Screening times: 6am-3pm on odd-numbered days, 3pm-12am on even-numbered days throughout November 2020

NAS alumnae Lisa Patroni, Louise Allerton and Sarah Edmondson have a group exhibition on view at Front Room Projects (178 Wyndham Street, Alexandria). Exhibition: 28 November – 13 December 2020

NAS students Terhi Hakola and Alma Studholme have a group exhibition, Tears of Things, on view at Incinerator Art Space. Exhibition: 2–20 December 2020

NAS alumna Zoe Tweedale has a solo exhibition, Blackbirds, on view at Robin Gibson Gallery. Exhibition: 21 November – 16 December 2020

NAS alumna Joanna Gambotto has a solo exhibition, Interior Worlds – Hill End, on view at Manly Art Gallery & Museum. Exhibition: 23 October – 29 November 2020

NAS staff and alumna Maryanne Wick is part of a group exhibition Art Has No Borders on view at M/Arts Precinct, Murwillumbah. Exhibition: 11 September – 28 November 2020

NAS alumna and staff Ebony Russell has a solo exhibition, Sad Birthday, on view at Artereal Gallery. Exhibition: 4–28 November 2020

NAS alumna Kirtika Kain is part of the NSW Visual Arts Emerging Artist Fellowship exhibition on view at Artspace. Exhibition: 30 October – 13 December 2020.

NAS student Anthony Bartok has a solo exhibition, Remote Access, on view at Galerie Pompom. Exhibition: 11 November – 6 December 2020

NAS alumna Ruth Ju-shih Li has a solo exhibition, Inflorescence, on view at May Space. Exhibition: 2–19 December 2020

NAS alumni Jumaadi and Mitch Cairns, and lecturer Jude Rae are part of a group exhibition, From My Window, part of Together in Art New Work, on view online at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

NAS alumna Merryn Hull has a solo exhibition, Gallery distancing – interventions and dislocations, on view online at AIRspace Projects.

NAS current student Anthony Bartok has a solo exhibition, Remote Access, on view at Galerie pompom. Exhibition: 11 November – 6 December 2020

NAS alumni James Nguyen and Jayanto Tan are part of a group exhibition, Lemonade, on view at Pari. Exhibition: 8 November – 20 December 2020

NAS alumna Zara June Williams has a solo exhibition, Fuse, on view at COMA Gallery. Exhibition: 13 November – 17 December 2020

NAS alumni Todd Fuller and Catherine O’Donnell have a joint exhibition, Hardenvale, on view at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery. Exhibition: 31 October 2020 – 31 January 2021

Congratulations to NAS alumna Sarah Tracton for receiving the AMP Tomorrow Fund Grant for her porcelain lighting work.

Congratulations to NAS staff Deborah Marks, who is a finalist in the Gosford Art Prize 2020, on view at Gosford Regional Gallery. Exhibition: 26 September – 29 November 2020

The National Art School is proud to announce that 16 of the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman finalists are part of the NAS community. Congratulations to Lucy Culliton, Edward Humphrey, Guy Maestri, Justine Muller, Wendy Sharpe, Karen Black, Eliza Gosse, Lucy O’Doherty, Luke Sciberras, Tim Storrier, Aida Tomescu, John R Walker, Joshua Charadia, Alan Jones, Noel McKenna and Philjames. Exhibition on view at the Art Gallery of New South Wales from 26 September 2020 – 10 January 2021

Congratulations to NAS alumni Nicole Kelly, Leslie Rice, Clare Thackway, Elisabeth Cummings, Elisabeth Cummings, Guy Warren and Zoe Young, staff Rodney Pople and former staff David Fairbairn and Euan Macleod, part of the Salon des Refusés 2020 on view at S.H. Ervin Gallery. Exhibition: 26 September – 29 November 2020

Congratulations to NAS alumni Sassy Park and Paul Selwood who are finalists in the McClelland National Small Sculpture Awards 2020, on view online.

Congratulations to NAS Staff Shuxia Chen, one of the recipients of the 2020 Humanities Travelling Fellowships by the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

Congratulations to NAS alumna Catherine O’Donnell and staff Carolyn Mckenzie-Craig for winning the 2020 Swan Hill Print and Drawing Awards. View the full catalogue online.

Congratulations to NAS alumnus Joe Furlonger and staff Carolyn Mckenzie-Craig who are finalists in the Clayton Utz Art Award.

Congratulations to NAS alumnae Vilma Bader, Deborah Beck, Jane Burton Taylor, Rosalie Duligal, Claire Gibbon, Sarah Goffman, Sassy Park and Ebony Russell who are all finalists in the Meroogal Women’s Art Prize. Exhibition: 19 September 2020 – 17 April 2021

Congratulations to NAS staff Dean Cross who is the recipient of the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery The Good Initiative Award 2020.

Congratulations to NAS alumni Louise Allerton, Amanda Bromfield, Todd Fuller, Nicole Kelly and Samuel Massey, who are all finalists in the 2020 Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize, on view at Lismore Gallery. Exhibition: 7 November – 31 January 2021

Congratulations to NAS alumna Mechelle Bounpraseuth and Debbey Watson who are finalists in the 2020 Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize.

Congratulations to NAS current student Katika Schultz and staff Damian Dillon, who are finalists in the 2020 Fishers Ghost Award, on view at Campbelltown Arts Centre. Exhibition: 31 October – 11 December 2020

Congratulations to NAS alumnae who are finalists for the Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize 2020, including Susie Dureau, Merran Esson, Harrie Fasher, Catherine O’Donnell, Jenny Pollak, Lucy Vader, Judith White and Head of Drawing Dr Maryanne Coutts for the Professional Artist Prize, and alumnae Sarah Eddowes, Amanda Fuller, Eliza Gosse and Sue Grose-Hodge, and staff Dr Carolyn Mckenzie-Craig for the Emerging Artist Prize. Exhibition: 27 November – 12 December 2020

Australian Capital Territory

NAS alumnae Cressida Campbell, Karla Dickens, Fiona Foley, Marea Gazzard, Susan Norrie, Joan Ross, Julie Rrap, Aida Tomescu and Anne Zahalka; staff Lynda Draper and Fiona Lowry, and Fellows Vivienne Binns, Fiona Hall and Margaret Olley are part of a group exhibition, Know My Name, on view at the National Gallery of Australia. Exhibition: 14 November 2020 – 4 July 2021


NAS staff Deborah Kelly, Julia Davis and Lisa Jones (in collaboration), NAS Fellow Wendy Sharpe and former staff Noel McKenna are all finalists in the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery’s National Works on Paper. Exhibition: 5 December 2020 – 21 February 2021

NAS staff Julia Davis and Lisa Jones (in collaboration) are finalists in the Paul Guest Prize 2020, on view at Bendigo Art Gallery. Exhibition: 17 October 2020 – 7 February 2021


NAS alumnus James Nguyen is a finalist in the Churchie Emerging Art Prize, on view at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane. Exhibition: 18 September – 19 December 2020

NAS staff and alumna Maryanne Wick has a solo exhibition, A Sense of Place, on view at Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery, Southport. Exhibition: 28 November 2020 – 28 February 2021

NAS alumna Karla Dickens has a solo exhibition, SOS, on view at Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Bowen Hills. Exhibition: November – December 2020

NAS staff Stephen Bird is part of a group exhibition, miffy & friends, on view at the QUT Art Museum, Brisbane. Exhibition: 21 November 2020 – 14 March 2021

South Australia
Northern Territory
Western Australia
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