Alumni Exhibitions

Ian Grieg, 'That Which Always Will Be' (detail), oil on canvas, 113.5 x 169.5 cm (framed)

alumni, staff and student exhibitions

At any one time there are hundreds of exhibitions around the world featuring NAS Alumni. Here is a selection of alumni, staff and student exhibitions on this month. If you would like to submit details of your exhibition – please contact our Marketing Team:

New South Wales

NAS alumni Kim Bennett, Jenny Blackwell, Maria Constantinescu, Rmsina Daniel, Rose Espinosa, Aimee Gardyne, Emma Hornby, Matilda Langworthy, Alex Mills and Lauren O’Connor have a group exhibition, EMANATE: Recent graduates from the National Art School 2021, on view at NERAM. Exhibition: 15 September – 30 October 2021

NAS alumnus Jordan Richardson is part of a group exhibition celebrating the launch of the new Michael Reid Gallery in Chippendale. Exhibition: 7–30 October 2021

NAS staff Rolande Souliere has a solo exhibition, Slang, on view at Schmick Contemporary. Exhibition: 23 October – 6 November 2021

NAS alumnus Todd Fuller has a solo exhibition, 1972: Pieter 4 Adriaan, on view at M. Contemporary. Exhibition: 21 October – 7 November 2021

NAS alumna Samantha Stephenson has a solo exhibition on view at Robin Gibson Gallery. Exhibition: 23 October – 11 November 2021

NAS alumnus Benedict dos Remedios has a solo exhibition, Catfished, on view at Chalk Horse Gallery. Exhibition: 13 October – 14 November 2021

NAS alumnus Cameron Haas has a solo exhibition on view at M. Contemporary. Exhibition: 11–28 November 2021

NAS alumna Shireen Taweel has a solo exhibition, Bathe in Light, on view at Firstdraft. Exhibition: 3 November – 12 December 2021

NAS alumnus Andrew Hopkins has a solo exhibition on view at Robin Gibson Gallery. Exhibition: 20 November – 15 December 2021

NAS alumni Anna Dudek, Johann Tovar Carrera, Sarah Fitzgerald and Tania McMurtry, and staff Simon Hodgson are part of Les Sculptures Refusées 2021, on view at Q Station Manly. Exhibition: 20 October 2021 – 27 January 2022

NAS alumna Justine Youssef and staff Dean Cross are part of a group exhibition, Eucalyptusdom, on view at the Powerhouse Museum. Exhibition: 1 July 2021 – 1 May 2022

Numerous NAS alumni, staff and former staff are in the show Clay Dynasty on view at the Powerhouse Museum. These include Rod Bamford, Stephen Bird, Les Blakebrough, Louise Boscacci, Richard Brooks, Barbara Campbell-Allen, Don Court, Janet DeBoos, Lynda Draper, Ivan Englund, Merran Esson, Diogenes Farri, Suzanne Forsyth Hatch, Simone Fraser, Marea Gazzard, Ivan Gluch, Steve Harrison, Patsy Hely, Won-Seok Kim, Juz Kitson, Col Levy, Sandra Lockwood, Janet Mansfield, Ian McKay, Graham Oldroyd, Maricelle Olivier, Jenny Orchard, Anders Ousback, Sassy Park, Alan Peascod, Peter Rushforth, Ebony Russell, Bernard Sahm, Bill Samuels, Leonard Smith, Sandra Taylor, Thancoupie, Peter Travis, Toni Warburton, Amanda Warner, Roswitha Wulff. Exhibition: From 11 October 2021 – 17 July 2022

NAS alumni Fiona Foley and Mason Kimber are part of a group exhibition, MCA Collection: Perspectives on Place, on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. Exhibition: 26 February 2021 – 4 September 2022

Congratulations to NAS alumnus Johann Tovar Carrera who is a finalist the 2021 Sculpture on the Farm Prize. NAS Director and CEO Steven Alderton will be a judge for this year’s prize. View the exhibition online from 1 October 2021.

Congratulations to NAS alumna Sophie Cape who has won the 2021 Paddington Art Prize, and to Bronte Leighton-Dore who won the Prize’s UNSW Art & Design Print Making Award. Congratulations also to NAS alumni finalists Trenna Austin, Michelle Belgiorno, Janis Clarke, Paul Connor, Annalisa Ferraris, Joanna Gambotto, Eliza Gosse, Geoff Harvey, Pollyxenia Joannou, Luke Kennedy, Dan Kyle, Kevin McKay, Dani McKenzie, Lauren O’Connor, Ondine Seabrook, Myles Young and Zoe Young, and former staff member Jennifer Keeler-Milne. NAS Director and CEO Steven Alderton was one of three judges for this year’s prize. Exhibition: 15–24 October 2021

Congratulations to NAS alumni Peter Berner, Kiata Mason, Yul Scarf and staff Harley Ives who are all finalists in Still: National Still Life Award 2021, on view at Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery. Exhibition: 14 August – 23 October 2021

We would like to congratulate all the NAS alumni who are finalists in the Little Things Art Prize 2021, on view at Saint Cloche Gallery. Annabel Butler, Alexandra Mills, Joanna Gambotto, Kathryn Cowen, Margaret Dix and Sarah Edmondson are Wall Work finalists. Annette Bukovinsky, Carina Capone, Debbey Watson and Isabella Edwards are Ceramics finalists. Exhibition: 13–24 October 2021

Congratulations to NAS alumni Hui Selwood, Ben Tooth, Paul Bacon, Liz Burcher, Jenny Herbert-Smith, Annie Herron, Sandy Bliim, Scott Ingram, Jenny James, James McCallum, Raquel Mazzina, Brett Anthony Moore, Janice Riley, Pam Dunne, Monika Scarrabelotti and Kay Bazley who are finalists in Sculptures in the Garden 2021. NAS Director and CEO Steven Alderton is part of the judging panel for this year’s prize. Exhibition: 6–21 November 2021

We would like to congratulate everyone from the NAS Community who are finalists in the Fisher’s Ghost Art Award 2021, on view at Campbelltown Arts Centre. NAS alumni Annette Bukovinsky, Tristan Chant, Joshua Charadia, Sarah Edmondson, Rebecca Gallo, Amelia Lynch, Lisa Patroni, Justine Youssef, Head of Painting Stephen Little, and staff Caroyln Craig and Jacqui Driver are finalists in the Open Prize. NAS Alumni Hyun-Hee Lee, Lisa Patroni and Jayanto Tan are finalists in the Contemporary Prize. NAS Alumni Annabel Butler, Carmel Byrne, Maryanne Wick are finalists in the Traditional Prize. Exhibition: 30 October – 10 December 2021

Congratulations to NAS alumni Luke Kennedy, winner of the Acrylic Prize and Mayor’s Prize, and Annette Bukovinsky, winner of the Mixed Media Prize, in the 2021 Waverley Art Prize. We also extend our congratulations to NAS alumni Adrienne Overall, Aimee Gardyne, Annalisa Ferraris, Brett Anthony Moore, Dani McKenzie, Dean Brown, Giles Alexander, Tristan Chant and Zoe Young, and staff Jacqui Driver, who are all finalists. The exhibition is available to view online.

We would like to congratulate everyone from the NAS Community who are finalists in the Gosford Art Prize 2021. NAS alumni Casey Chen, Ben King and Amelia Lynch are finalists for the Gosford Ceramics Prize. NAS alumni Olivia Arnold, Chris Byrnes, Tristan Chant, Sarah Edmondson, Mandy Francis, Ingrid Haydon, Pamela Honeyfield, Yvonne Langshaw, Aliki Yiorkas and staff member Deborah Marks who are finalists in the Gosford Art Prize 2021, on view at at Gosford Regional Gallery. Exhibition: 30 October 2021 – 9 January 2022.

Congratulations to NAS alumni Margaret Ackland, Christine Druitt-Preston, Todd Fuller, Geoff Harvey, Philjames, Nicole Kelly, Rosemary Lee, Kevin McKay, Catherine O’Donnell, current student Belinda Yee and staff Stephanie Monteith who are all finalists in the Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award, on view at Hazelhurst Art Centre. Exhibition: 22 January – 27 March 2022

Australian Capital Territory

Congratulations to NAS alumni Peter Morgan and Geoff Harvey who are finalists in Living Memory National Photographic Portrait Prize 2021, on view at the National Portrait Gallery. Exhibition: 31 July – 7 November 2021

NAS alumna Yvonne Audette, Jean Broome-Norton, Elisabeth Cummings, Karla Dickens, Mona Hessing, Jenny Kee, Darani Lewers, Fiona Lowry, Susan Norrie, current staff Jude Rae, and former staff Margel Hinder, Aida Tomescu and Marian Tubbs are all part of Know My Name: Australian Women Artists 1900 to Now Part Two, on view at the National Gallery of Australia. Exhibition: 12 June 2021 – 26 January 2022


Congratulations to current student Ali Tahayori, NAS alumna Justine Varga, and staff Joanne Handley who are finalists in the William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize, on view at Monash Gallery of Art. Exhibition: 9 September – 7 November 2021

Congratulations to NAS alumnus Jayanto Tan who is a finalist in the churchie emerging art prize 2021, on view at the Institute of Modern Art. Exhibition: 9 October – 18 December 2021


NAS alumna Neridah Stockley has a solo exhibition, A Secular View, on view at Redland Art Gallery. Exhibition: 17 October – 5 December 2021


NAS staff Carolyn Craig and Damian Dillon have a joint exhibition, Legacy Fresco, on view at Sawtooth ARI, Launceston. Exhibition: 17 August – 17 October 2021

South Australia

NAS alumni Mitch Cairns and Julie Rrap, and staff Dean Cross are part of the 2022 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Free/State, on view at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Exhibition: 4 March – 5 June 2022

Northern Territory

NAS alumna Neridah Stockley has a solo exhibition, Swan River, on view at RAFT Artspace. Exhibition: 8–30 October 2021

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