National Art School announces new partnership with APY Art Centre Collective

The National Art School today announced a new partnership with APY Art Centre Collective, working together on the APY Photography Program, the APY Weapons for the Soldier program, and a collaborative APY and National Art School art skills development program.

The APY Art Centre Collective is a group of ten Indigenous owned and governed enterprises. Located in the APY Lands, they work with a united vision and voice on strategic business initiatives and collaborative artistic projects.

Their latest venture is the APY Gallery down the road from the National Art School in Darlinghurst, which will be launched on 23 March 2018. The APY Gallery is a platform for emerging Indigenous Artists from the APY Art Centre Collective to connect with a wide audience outside of their remote communities, gain professional development opportunities and build a network within the art industry supporting them to pursue successful careers in the arts.

Steven Alderton, Director and CEO of the National Art School said, “The National Art School is proud to work with significant Australian artists and emerging artists from the APY Lands and to offer partnerships and opportunities for emerging Anangu artists.

The APY Lands are located in remote Central Australia. The APY Art Centre Collective represents over 500 Anangu Artists from Tjala Arts, Ernabella Arts, Kaltjiti Arts, Iwantja Arts, Mimili Maku Arts, Tjungu Palya, Ninuku Arts, Maruku Arts from Uluru, Tjanpi Desert Weavers based in Alice Springs, and Ara Iritja Aborignal Corporation.

APY Lands Elders and Artists visit NAS. Photo: Alison Dunn

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