undo the day

Karen Black, 'She is the Moon' (2023), Oil on canvas, 213.6 x 198.5 cm, courtesy the artist and Ames Yavuz

undo the day has been put together as way to reflect on the human response to move toward the light when one is in darkness. In darkness there is less definition, more uncertainty. In darkness, there is an instinctual urge to find a way forward with more than just what we can see, we must feel our way too. A flicker or a spark can be enough to offer hope, even if it is blurred and ambiguous in the beginning. We rely on the light for orientation, to mark the distance between what we desire, what we are looking for, and sometimes what we know.  

The artists in undo the day work in and around abstraction and figuration. They explore the visceral ways we lose, search and discover ourselves in times of change, only to have love, hope or desire bloom again in new forms and perhaps outside of the bounds we once defined for ourselves.  

Artists include:  Karen Black, Nathan Hawkes, Irene Hanenbergh, Ruth Hutchinson, Nabilah Nordin, Mel O’Callaghan, Tom Polo, Ronan Pirozzi, Jodie Whalen and Coen Young

Guest Curator: Gina Mobayed   


14 June – 3 August 2024

11am – 5pm

NAS Galleries

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