Natasha Walsh – Talking with Painters

Natasha Walsh – Talking with Painters

“What I love about NAS is that it’s about thinking… It’s about challenging the way of thinking” – Natasha Walsh EP 58: Talking with Painters

Rising star of the Australian art world and NAS Alumni, Natasha Walsh, has recently been the winner of three heavy titles in the Australian art award circuit .

The Kilgour Prize, the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship and the Mosman Art Prize – all in a space of twelve weeks.

During her recent interview in Talking with Painters she discusses her practice and memories of her time at the National Art School.

To listen to the podcast follow the link below:

Ep 58: Natasha Walsh – Talking with Painters

Featured Artwork: Natasha Walsh, Self portrait, oil on copper 25 x 22.5cm  (finalist Archibald prize 2016)

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