Artist Profile: National Art School Graduate Shows 2021

Artist Profile: National Art School Graduate Shows 2021

In the lead up to the exhibitions showing across the NAS campus, Artist Profile magazine previewed The Postgrad Show (22–30 Jan) and The Grad Show (11–20 Feb), presenting the amazing work of our 2021 cohort. The exhibitions invite visitors to reflect on, and celebrate, the enduring value of arts education, even (indeed, especially) amidst the uncertainty and instability the sector has faced for the past two years.

“The trenchant red of Helen Zhu’s Tomorrow appears like contraband in the lip of Sibylla (Billie) Robertson’s Relic. Perhaps it’s fanciful to imagine a passing of this colour between the works, or between the artists. Perhaps, though, it’s essential to do this imagining almost because it is fanciful: the opportunity to think outside of the logics of productivity, efficiency, and employability remains a vital gift given to us by art education, even in the most demoralising of circumstances.”

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Images Sibylla (Billie) Robertson, relic, clay and glaze, 22 x 22 x 22 cm. Photo: Peter Morgan

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