RELEASED: Class of 2018 BFA Exhibition 6-16 December

RELEASED: Class of 2018 BFA Exhibition 6-16 December


Released is Australia’s biggest and most dynamic Fine Art Graduate Exhibition, celebrating the achievements of our Bachelor of Fine Art students, with new art from new artists on show across the National Art School.

Australia’s leading independent fine art school showcases the work of our BFA graduates from 6 December onwards, with the much anticipated Graduate Exhibition. A hugely popular event, the Graduate Exhibition presents the work of our BFA Graduates throughout the studios, galleries and multiple exhibition spaces of the National Art School. Here you will find the very best in ceramics, painting, photomedia, printmaking and sculpture with over 1000 works by 118 emerging artists to experience. The opening night (6 December) is not to be missed, with music, Young Henrys, dance floors, and of course the best emerging art on offer in Sydney. The unique studio based teaching model which at the heart of the National Art School degree program underpins this exhibition, showcasing as it does the culmination of three years of intensive individual work.

Building on the strong reputation and outstanding achievements of the alumni artists of the National Art School, (who this year have swept all before them in prestigious art prizes) the Class of 2018 is about to be released onto the world.

About the BFA Degree program

Our Bachelor of Fine Art degree is designed to impart the skills, knowledge and creative independence required to sustain a career as an artist.

This individual development requires a holistic approach to art education – one that we have always believed is best accommodated by students learning the skills and knowledge of the studio through studio practice under the guidance of established artists. NAS has long been recognised for our use of this studio model of learning. Our focus on small class sizes ensures that every student receives individual guidance and that their independent exploration of art making is informed by a comprehensive knowledge of the historical underpinnings of that practice as well as the dynamic range of contemporary possibilities for art practice today.

About the Exhibition venues

The National Art School is located within the walls of the former Darlinghurst Gaol. In the heart of the city, the School is a thriving hub of creativity and endeavour, with its iconic buildings re=purposed to  house studios, Galleries and exhibition spaces. The Graduate Exhibition is located throughout the entire site – with hundreds of individual artists’ studios open to the public throughout the exhibition, as well as the Rayner Hoff Project Space and the NAS Gallery.

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Featured Artwork: Elsiena ten Kate, You don’t respect my work at all, do you?, oil on canvas, 86 × 86 cm.

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BFA Exhibition:  6–16 December
All spaces (NAS Gallery, Building 25, Rayner Hoff Project Space and Open Studios) are open the duration of the exhibition

  • Thursday 6 December (6–10pm)
  • Friday 7 December (11am–5pm)
  • Saturday 8 December (11am–5pm)
  • Sunday 9 December (11am–5pm)
  • Monday 10 December (11am–5pm)
  • Tuesday 11 December (11am–5pm)
  • Wednesday 12 December (11am–5pm)
  • Thursday 13 December (11am–5pm)
  • Friday 14 December (11am–5pm)
  • Saturday 15 December (11am–5pm)
  • Sunday 16 December (11am–5pm)


Maya Bartlett
Lauren Calvi
Sally Davis
Thom George
Jimin Hong
Mia Kidis
Benjamin King
Matilda Kubany-Deane
Amelia Lynch
Florentina Pergoleto
Billie Robertson
Mandarava Steiner
Sheena Studenovic Redmond
Hamish Wallace
Jenny Wiggins


Jasmine Anderson
Anne Anonuevo
Anthony Asence
Bijanka Bacic
Marisa Bartholomew
Tanya Behr
Alessia Britti
Arash Chehelnabi
Maria Constantinescu
Margaret Dix
Ruth Elliott
Rose Espinosa
Claire Gibbon
Mary Hall
Michael Hartley
Carla Heilig
Annaliesa Horne
Lucas Howard
Isabella Hughes
Erin Ibbertson
Lewis Ihnatko
Oliver Lardner
Bronte Leighton-Dore
Tanya Linney
Meicheng Lu
Joyce Lubotzky
Anna Matson
Catherine McGarty
Martin Medero
Josephine Morrow
Susan Murray
Hania Oayda
Adi O’Hara
Ella Ottaviano
Yiyi Pan
Mi Hee Park
James Roberts
Babette Robertson
Rachel Seeto
Alexander Smith
Bridget Stehli
Oscar Sulich
Amy Sutherland
Stef Tarasov
Elsiena ten Kate
Brad Teodoruk
Tiziana Tringali
Kin Tsang
Nicholas Wakeham
Ingo Werner
Julia Westwood
Anna Wilson
Belinda Wincote


Claudia Brand
Curtis Ceapa
Elyse Howe
Xiao Fan (Miranda) Huang
Walter Jensen
Harley Lynch
Alexandra Moulis
Ella Rynehart


Henry Bennett
Jennifer Blackwell
Daniel Bond
Sylvia Bozym
Saxon Buckley
Elizabeth Creixell
Phoebe Cutler
Renee Davies
Omar Diallo
Gina Fenton
Celeste Greeves
Emily Haglund
Imogen Hassall
Henry Holder
Sophie Iliadis
Maddison Johnston
Dean Kosta
Rosemary Lee
Helen Morgan
Caroline Resiak
Sasha Satz
Jodie Skennar
Tess Vincent
You Dakota Westheafer


Diana Bonvini
Chelsea Chivers
Shannon Jones
Esther Kim
Ange Lee
Rose Mcgann
Wendy Miller
Alexandra Mills
Edward Mulvihill
Chloe Murphy
Johann Potgieter
Zoe Rawlinson
Timothy Ross
Monica Sa
Sarah Schmelzer
Yizhen Sun
Archibald Tait
Michael Wren

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