NAS NEO – Student Advisory Group

What is NAS NEO?

NAS NEO is an exciting program that celebrates art and creativity in Sydney. It provides a platform for emerging and established artists, attracts visitors to the CBD area, and engages the community through immersive experiences, collaborative art-making activities, and a diverse range of events. By showcasing the best of Sydney’s cultural art scene, NAS NEO contributes to the wellbeing of the community, promotes the fine art sector, and supports local businesses. We believe that art is essential to our cultural identity and that by supporting artists and providing opportunities for the community to engage with art, we can enrich and improve the lives of individuals and society as a whole.

About NAS NEO Student Advisory Group

We are thrilled to introduce the NAS NEO Student Advisory Group, an exciting opportunity for students like you to contribute to and be a part of the NAS NEO program.NAS NEO is dedicated to celebrating art and creativity in our city, and we believe that students play a crucial role in shaping the future of art and culture. We invite you to submit your ideas and join the Student Council, where you’ll not only help bring your creative vision to life but also have a direct impact on the NAS NEO program’s events and initiatives.

Our previous Brainstorming Session

On Thursday, March 28, we conducted a lunchtime brainstorming session featuring three main questions: What would you like to see, what would you like to do, and what other possibilities exist without any limitations? We collected over 200 ideas (thank you so much for your contributions), and have now refined them for presentation on this panel.


Please vote for the ideas you find most appealing by clicking the “applause” button! Once voting is complete, we will schedule another meeting to further develop these concepts.


We greatly value your input. Feel free to share this with your fellow students, and if you haven’t joined the council yet, please email [email protected] to stay informed!

Student Exhibitions

More opportunities for students to show their work. Small-scale Grad Show. Present alongside past NAS students. Work in progress. No commission. Student-run exhibition. 

Networking Nights

Networking nights with other schools. More professional practice seminars. Connecting galleries, artists, and the art world. A space for group conversations and for artists to show their techniques. Courses on social media, promotion, and opportunities outside NAS. 

Student-Run Music Nights

Music in the Cell Block. Pay students and pay them well. Make the student book the gigs and organize DJs. Opportunities to do performances alongside music. Perform Performance pieces. Create a band liaison. 

Student Markets

Open space to sell and exchange books and art supplies. SWOP night. Recycle night. Barter nights. Organize a mega sale with discount for students. 

Movie Night

Students and Indie films in Cell Block Theatre. Outdoor Cinema. Invite other film schools to share experiences. 

Open mic Poetry Night

Poetry, spoken word, slam poetry. Confessional style. Sketch the rhyme. A place to improv and story telling. 

Collaborative Artwork

Public paint a picture. Collaborative immersive spaces. Collaborative drawing sessions. Public art, murals, and individual murals. Let the NAS Community aim for a Guinness World Record. Collaborative sculpture.

Student Curatorial Group 

Help with the facilitation of events. Curate exhibitions. Paid internship. An opportunity to get/give mentorship and work ina curatorial role.

Out-of-the-box Workshops

Yoga classes. Trivia Night. Themed night costumes. Synesthetic workshop. Meditation classes. Drama Classes. Dancing workshop. Zine workshops. Sewing workshops.

Open to Collaborations

Seek opportunities to collaborate with other schools (NIDA, AFTRS, UNSW, SCA, UTS, etc.) Invite more disciplines like music, theatre, fashion nights, circus, orchestras, etc. 

NAS NEO Feedback

No old men Dj sets. Students decide on the themes. More accessible communications (updates). Food vans. Complementary beverages. 

These ideas don’t include the vote option because they encompass the whole production. This is for you to know that we hear you! 

Facilities Feedback

Better vending machines. Water station. Bean bags. Fix the common rooms. More smoking areas. Better and cheaper coffee. Hammocks.

These ideas don’t include the vote option because they encompass all NAS facilities. This is for you to know that we hear you! 

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