Education Outreach


At the National Art School we believe that the arts are pivotal to a well-rounded school education, equipping young adults with the ability to think laterally, develop their creativity and problem solving skills. We are committed to nurturing and fostering the talents of Australia’s future great artists through a comprehensive and dynamic program of learning and development that prepares students for life beyond the classroom.

For families, and primary and high school students we offer school holiday and weekend workshops to develop their ideas and practical skills in artmaking across each of the six disciplines offered here at the National Art School.

Our Education Programs complement classroom teaching and learning. We offer a range of programs focused on developing links to the secondary school sector and the wider arts community such as practical artmaking workshops and professional development sessions for teachers. We offer tailored school programs for students in metropolitan Sydney and regional NSW areas, as well as focused exhibition viewings and studio and history tours on campus.

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Education Outreach Coordinator
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