Todd Fuller

Todd Fuller’s practice combines animation, sculpture, drawing,
curatorship, performance and painting to construct narratives
drawn from empirical experiences. He has undertaken international
residencies at the Cité International des Arts, Paris and the British
School, Rome. His career highlights include collaboration with the
Sydney Symphony Orchestra, an honourable mention at the 15th
Asian Art Biennale and participation in the Malta International Arts
Festival. He is represented by MAY SPACE, Sydney.

“My love of drawing was incubated here, where I learned to see this art form as a religion, a science, a language, a symphony and a way of life.”

b. 1988, Branxton NSW / lives and works in Sydney

Bachelor of Fine Art – Sculpture (Honours), NAS 2010

With whom I was united by every tie, 2018, (animation stills), digital video from animated drawing; chalk, charcoal, acrylic and ink on timber and paper, sound, duration: 5 mins 13 secs, AP from an edition of 8 + 2 APs. Gift of Todd Fuller

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