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ON CAMPUS: 16-20 January 2023, Monday to Friday 9.30am-4.30pm. Early Fee ends 12 December 2022

Deborah Marks 

Discover the ability to see and draw with an artist’s eye and learn the fundamental aspects of proportion, perspective, volume, composition, positive and negative spaces. Through guided exercises and demonstrations, learn the essential strategies of drawing.

Full details below: course outline, course delivery, lecturer profile and art materials

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Full Details

Program: Summer School 2023
Start Date: 16 January 2023
End Date: 20 January 2023
Day: Monday to Friday
Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm
Number of classes: 5

Lecturer: Deborah Marks
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Full Fee: $925.00
Early Fee: $835.00
Concession Fee: $880.00
Location: National Art School

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

Course Outline

Discover the ability to see and draw with an artist’s eye and learn the fundamental aspects of proportion, perspective, volume, composition, positive and negative spaces. Through guided exercises, Deborah Marks explains and demonstrates the essential strategies of drawing, and how to use line, shape, tone and mark-making, working from small studies to larger, sustained drawings. She introduces you to basic drawing media such as charcoal, pencils and collage materials, subjects include still life and the life model, working from both representation and abstraction modalities. Deborah welcomes newcomers to the art of drawing and creates a supportive and encouraging studio environment.

*Short courses are open to students of ages 16 years and over. For students under 16 years of age there are School Holiday Workshops, Art Club and other programs.

Lecturer Profile

Deborah Marks’ art practice includes painting, drawing, photography and collage. Deborah is inspired by her interest in psychological aspects of the human condition. Her figurative artworks reside between representation and abstraction as an exploration of the ambiguity between surface and illusion. Deborah has been a finalist in the Kedumba Art Award, the Portia Geach Memorial Award, the Mosman Art Prize, the Blake Prize and the Korean/Australian Arts Foundation Prize and was awarded the 2014 Kedumba Art Award. She has exhibited with Defiance Gallery, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Stanley Street Gallery and Kunstverein Murnau, Germany, and most recently exhibited with Wagner Contemporary, Sydney. In 2007 she was awarded the National Art School Onslow Storrier Studio Residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. Deborah holds a Master of Fine Arts degree and lectures in the National Art School Drawing Department. Her artwork is represented in both public and private collections.


• Cartridge Paper A1 size, 1 pad
• Montval Watercolour Paper (or similar) 300gms 75x55cm approx. (x 3 sheets)
• Architect’s tracing paper A1 size (x1 sheet)
• Brown ‘Craft Paper’ – Card thickness (x1 sheet)
• Canson Mi-Tientes Paper A3, 55cmx75cm approx, 160gms – 2 sheets of
each grey colour:
• 122 – Flannel Grey
• 431 – Steel Grey
• 345 – Dark Grey
• 425 – Stygian Black
• 426 – Moonstone

Charcoal/Pastels etc:
Charcoal Pencils – black/ medium (x5)
Compressed charcoal –round type eg Omega brand (x2)
Sanguine Conte Pencil – Conte a Paris (x1)
White Charcoal Pencil (x1)

Brush – Bristle size 12

Hard White Eraser eg. Staedtler

Glue (PVA) 500ml
Bulldog Clips (x2), Spray Fixative, Masking Tape, Stanley Knife or sharpening blade,
Double sided tape (clear)


Parkers Fine Art Supplies have a location of the NAS campus and offer a discount for NAS short courses students. To discuss and order art materials please contact Parkers on +61 2 9247 9979 or email [email protected]
Website https://www.parkersartsupplies.com/

We appreciate your adherence to the NAS Covid-19 protocols to ensure a safe and happy campus for all.

Covered footwear is essential in all studio spaces on campus.

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