Photography and printmaking: experiments in 2D and digital imaging (Future Makers)


20-24 January 2020

9.30 am – 4 pm daily

Learn about the physical and digital techniques of making and manipulating images to compile into a hand-made artist book.

Various tutors

4 Available

Full Details

Start Date: Monday 20 January 2020

End Date: Friday 24 January 2020

Time: 9.30 am – 4 pm

Number of classes: 5

Level: All levels

Age: 9–12 years old

Full fee: $550.00 per person

Location: National Art School

Availability: Available

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Tutors: Brenda Tye, Benjamin Stone-Herbert, Skye Wagner, Gina Fenton and Mariah Calman

This week of workshops aims to introduce students to the physical and digital techniques of making and manipulating images, with the aim that the series of artworks produced can compile into a hand-made artist book at the end of the week.

Monday: Learn the fundamentals of printmaking through methods such as monoprinting, solvent-transfer and recycled paper plate etching. Slowly develop and experiment with images that when printed will appear in reverse. Continue layering these prints to push your artworks further by experimenting with a range of shapes, colours, textures and patterns to create a series of dynamic and expressive images.

Tuesday: Experiment with photography by taking photos WITHOUT a camera! Use photograms, scanners and other image manipulation techniques to play with light in the darkroom to create unique camera-less photos. Bring your own small transparent and opaque objects, such as fabrics, bottles, toys or any other items you can think of that will help create the shapes and tones in your images.

Wednesday: Go on a digital photographic scavenger hunt within the grounds of the National Art School. In this challenge you will be given a list of different images and ideas to capture on your own device or camera. Once you’ve ticked everything off the list, take your images into the digital lab to abstract and distort in Photoshop. Bring in a USB stick to ensure your photos are saved and can be printed at home.

Thursday: Take your digital photography to the next level in this introduction to the Adobe Illustrator Program for students at a beginner level. Learn how to incorporate these technical skills to deconstruct and manipulate your own photographs and drawings to create unique digital collages. Draw on your imagination and ideas to play with shape, line, composition and layering as a way of creating new images.

Friday: This collage and bookmaking workshop invites you to build on the physical and digital images you’ve made over the course of the week, making a book or visual record of this process. By exploring shape, colour, repetition, text and line in artworks, learn how to construct, deconstruct and analyse the elements that make images interesting, unique and effective.

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