Mapping and mark making (Future Makers)


17 January 2020

9.30 am – 4 pm

Create your own map of a real or imagined landscape using Google Maps and Where’s Wally images for inspiration.

Rachel Fairfax

6 Available

Full Details

Start Date: Friday 17 January 2020

End Date: Friday 17 January 2020

Time: 9.30 am – 4 pm

Number of classes: 1

Level: All levels

Age: 9–12 years old

Full fee: $130.00 per person

Location: National Art School

Availability: Available

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Tutor: Rachel Fairfax

These workshops will teach students how to develop their own artist sketchbook. The aim is to teach students how to sketch from the world around them, build process drawings, develop their ideas and give them the confidence to keep drawing at home once they’ve left the art classroom. Each day is a different focus to suit a range of drawing styles and themes.

Today’s focus: mapping and mark making. From Google Maps, to a Where’s Wally illustration, a map may be realistic or completely imagined. Create your own map, a landscape or personal story, in this workshop. Bring along images of mountains, forests, underwater worlds and overseas places as inspiration to draw the environment around you.

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