Darkroom Drawing with Light


ON CAMPUS: 15-16 May 2021, Saturday and Sunday 9:30am-4:30pm. Early fee ends 19 April
Amanda Williams

Discover the power of light to transform the everyday world into poetic, hand-crafted photo-based images. Using basic analogue photographic tools incorporating found objects, light-sensitive paper, chemical processes and exposure to light you will learn how simple these alchemical and magical methodologies can be, and how to utilise them to create unique and multi-layered artworks.

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Full Details

Term: Drawing Weekend Workshops 2021
Start Date: 15 May 2021
End Date: 16 May 2021
Day: Saturday-Sunday
Number of classes: 2

Teacher: Amanda Williams
Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Full Fee: $385.00
Early Fee: $350.00
Concession Fee: $365.00
Location: National Art School

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

course overview

Discover the power of light to transform the everyday world into poetic, hand-crafted images, using multi-layered techniques in and out of the darkroom. By incorporating basic analogue photographic tools with found objects, light-sensitive paper, chemical processes and exposure to light, you will see how simple these alchemical and magical methodologies can be. Amanda Williams presents an engaging workshop with practical demonstrations and applications, inviting the free association of conceptual ideas that arise from the unexpected positioning of image and objects with light and chemicals. Make unique prints with techniques such as photograms, chemigrams, lumen prints and collage. Suitable for beginners and all levels of experience in photographic practices.

Lecturer  profile

Amanda Williams is a Sydney-based artist who completed a Master of Fine Arts by research at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney in 2014. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Theory  and a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Class 1 Honours and was awarded the university medal from the University of NSW.

Amanda is a sessional lecturer in photography at the National Art School, the University of NSW, Art & Design and Sydney College of Arts. Most recently Amanda was awarded the National Photography Prize 2018 by the Murray Albury Museum of Art (MAMA) and was also a finalist in the Bowness Prize at Monash Gallery of Art.

Her current artwork examines the history of photography and modernism, specifically the distinction and movement between representation and abstraction and the way any knowledge of this so called dichotomy is ordered and explored through photography. By focusing on analogue photographic processes, often engaging with experimentation in the use of chemicals in the darkroom, attention is drawn to how one’s perception of the process of photography, and the historical content inscribed within the image, is susceptible to change over time. A key aspect of the work is what the image could be seen to ‘do’, how it performs and what it can become over time. In this way, the photographic image is presented as an event in itself not simply the witness to and objective recorder of events. For further information visit awilliams.com.au and Instagram swampdeer


1 Brush pen (Pentel brand) and 3 ink cartridges
3 Paint brushes sizes 2, 8, 12 – budget brands are fine
1 Chinese calligraphy brush
1 Dip pen with nib
2 graphite pencils – B and 6B
1 box charcoal
1 set of oil or chalk pastels – budget brands are fine
1 medium size bottle of black ink
1 ceramic palette
2 clean jars or containers
1 A4 or A5 notebook and pen/pencils
Eraser, ruler, masking tape
1 USB memory stick or small external hard drive

1 set of watercolours paints
1 watercolour pan/pallette

Drawing papers will be provided


Parkers Fine Art Supplies have a location of the NAS campus and offer a discount for NAS short courses students. To discuss and order art materials please contact Parkers on +61 2 9247 9979 or email parkersartsupplies@aapt.net.au
Website https://www.parkersartsupplies.com/

Covered footwear is essential in all studio spaces on campus.

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