Build Your Painting Skills*


29 Apr–24 Jun, 9.30am–1.30pm
*This course is not held on 10 June (Queens Birthday public holiday)
Rose Morrison

Rekindle your interest in painting and advance your technical skill set with clear directions and gentle guidance.  Full details of course overview, teacher profile and materials list below. 

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Full Details

Course overview, teacher profile, materials list

Term: Term 2 2019
Start Date: 29 April 2019
End Date: 24 June 2019
*This course is not held on 10 June (Queen’s Birthday public holiday)
Time: Mondays, 9.30am-1.30pm
Number of classes: 8
Teacher: Rose Morrison

Level: Beginner
Age: 16 and over
Early Fee: $735.00
Early Concession Fee: $700.00
Location: National Art School
Availability: Available

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

course overview

Push your painting goals to the next level with new techniques and individual projects. Rose Morrison will encourage you to build your skills with painting demonstrations of classical and contemporary methods such as egg tempera, textural wax encaustic, resins and alternative supports. With practical experience and guidance she will teach you to improve your depiction of form through understanding how stroke economy can give more impact with fewer strokes, and if your portraits do not resemble your sitter, learn how to paint a person’s likeness convincingly.

Work on subjects of your choice in a supportive and inspiring group setting where you can gain knowledge and skills by observing the variety of levels, experiences and practices of your classmates. You will be guided to find your own personal style and be encouraged to try your own choice of genres to master. Students will have the freedom to customise their own pace and direction of their practice while having the technical instruction and encouraging support of their multi-skilled teacher to reach personal painting goals.

If you have previously completed Starting Painting for Beginners with Rose Morrison you are welcome to continue in this course and move onto more advanced projects to develop and refine what you have learned.

If you require guidance on selecting the most suitable painting course for your level of experience and skills, please contact the Public Programs Administration office on 9229 8633.

teacher profile

Rose Morrison is known for her highly realistic and lavish oil paintings. She has been painting for more that 20 years and her painting knowledge spans over many genres and technical styles. Her critically and commercially successful work is collected widely within Australia and overseas. She has held high-profile exhibitions at public galleries across Australia, including the Gippsland Art Gallery, the Macquarie University Art Gallery, the University of Queensland Art Museum and the Melbourne Art Fair. For eight years she lived and painted in France while being represented by Sullivan+Strumpf in Sydney. She has also been a finalist in many prestigious art awards, including the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (highly commended) and the Sulman Prize, and she was the winner of the Metro Gallery People’s Choice Award. Visit her website at www.rosemorrisonartist.com

Materials list

In this painting course you will learn both acrylic and oil painting techniques.

NOTE: As a beginner painter you are not required to have knowledge of the materials listed below. So, on the first lesson VR will thoroughly take you through the full materials list BEFORE you purchase anything so that you will be confident in purchasing only what you need during the course.

For Week 1

All that you are required to bring to class on the first night are:

  • Notebook and pencil
  • A3 pad of canvas paper of at least 10 sheets (this is a special paper that looks and feels like canvas but it is not actually canvas; it is not absorbent like watercolour paper and should feel thicker and silkier than normal paper; it can also be called ‘painting paper’)
  • 1 tube of black acrylic paint and 1 tube of white acrylic paint (any brand is fine except the Matisse Structural Series; inexpensive student quality is fine)
  • 1 inexpensive flat brush, either in natural bristle or synthetic – the brush area width should be approx. 1.5cm to 2cm, and with the brush bristle length the shorter the better
  • 1 roll of inexpensive kitchen cling wrap
  • 1 ceramic or glass jar for washing brush
  • Masking tape and ruler.

If you are unsure of these materials, you are welcome to email VR at any stage before the course: vr@vrmorrison.com

Week 2

By Week 2 of the course you will need:

  • Oil paints – white (titanium white if possible) and black (ivory black if possible)
  • 1 cup of linseed oil (this can be purchased from VR for $3).

Rest of course

For the rest of the course you have the choice to work with either acrylic or oil paints or both. For whatever you choose you will need cool and warm variations (six in total) of the following colours: BLUE, RED and YELLOW. By this time you will have learnt to confidently purchase these products to suit your individual needs. These tubes of paint should all be under $10 each, VR will suggest brands, or you can bring in what you already have.

You will also need a set of various inexpensive brushes; you will learn in class of which ones to choose.

Suggested extra material (but not necessary)

  • Apron/protective clothing
  • Palette knife (pointed, in either steel or plastic)
  • Smartphone with Instagram installed, as we use this as a visual tool to learn from artists’ studio posts.

Important: ALL solvent containers must be clearly labelled. DO NOT keep solvent in a water bottle.

Covered footwear is essential in all studio spaces on campus.

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