After Everything Has Been Said, 2022
Face mounted photographic print on acrylic
100 x 100 cm

Born in Shiraz, Iran, Ali Tahayori currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia (Gadigal Land). Growing up in Iran during the 1980s, within a system of oppressive homophobia, he quickly adopted the dual vision of an outsider. Moving to Australia in 2007 and living in forced exile as an Australian migrant, he continued to exist as an enforced member of the subaltern. Drawing on his Cultural heritage, he incorporates the traditional Iranian craft of Āine-Kāri (Mirror-works), translating it into a contemporary visual vocabulary. By combining fractured mirrors with text and imagery, Tahayori aims to create kaleidoscopic experiences of revelation and concealment that capture the distorted vision he has inherited. In his practice, a discourse on diaspora and displacement meets a discourse about queerness.

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