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Dr Maryanne Coutts  maryanne.coutts@nas.edu.au 

Independent Study Component

In first semester you will be completing all your Independent Study Component (ISC) of the year, making way for studio-based practice in second semester.

This will be conducted in the following way.

  • Each week at 9.30 on your scheduled day, you will go to a zoom meeting with the coordinator of the subject, Chelsea Lehmann. She will briefly outline the work for the day. The instructions are also available through the student portal. You are then expected to undertake that work between 9.30 and 12.30.
  • At 12.30 on the day of your class you are expected to email images of what you have done that day to your lecturer of the day. (Please check whether it is your Observational or General teacher for this week).
  • You will be marked as present if you send those images and if you don’t you will be marked absent, unless you let your lecturer know of circumstances that prevent you from sending images.
  • Your lecturer will then send you feedback in the afternoon.