Yaritji Young, Tjala Tjukurpa (Honey Ant Story), 2020, pigmented ink on paper, 152x182cm. Courtesy Tjala Arts

In partnership with the National Art School the APY Art Centre Collective is proud to present Milpatjunanyi – a celebration of the profound importance in Aṉangu culture of drawing, a practice grounded in forging tangible connections to story, law and culture. This exhibition showcases works by artists from all 7 APY art centres, and features mediums ranging from paintings, works on paper and prints to ceramics and photographic and video works, with each work activating the deeply held value of drawing that underpins Tjukurpa (ancestral beliefs) on the APY Lands.

ARTISTS: Iluwanti Ken, Stanley Douglas, The Ken Mob, Betty Chimney, Mary Pan, Anyupa Stevens, Judith Walkabout, Raylene Walatinna, Betty Pumani Tuppy Goodwin, Robert Fielding, Keith Stevens, Witjiti George, Taylor Cooper, Zaachariah Fielding, Nyunmiti Burton, Kaylene Whisky, Vincent Namatjira, Peter Mungkari, Beryl Jimmy Keith Stevens, Tjimpuna Williams


Saturday 24 June – Saturday 26 August 2023


The Drawing Gallery


Monday to Sunday, 11am–5pm

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