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On and off campus artmaking workshops

Keen to develop new skills in artmaking? Learn from our talented NAS students, staff and alumni by organising a tailored studio workshop for your students to suit the creative interests and techniques you’re looking for.

Campus history, studio and gallery tours

Learn about the history of the Darlinghurst Gaol and the National Art School campus in our tailored on-site tours. Explore the campus as it is now, observing artists and students in their studios as well as current exhibitions on view at the NAS Gallery. 

Career expos, presentations and portfolio development

NAS students and staff will share their experiences to give you more information about what it’s like to study visual arts after school, and what a career in the arts might be like. You will learn about the history of the art school and its diverse alumni, the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree offered, developing a professional visual arts portfolio as well as they array of professional opportunities in the arts.

Look out for students and staff from the National Art School visiting your school or local careers expo.

For tailored presentations, tours and workshops for your students, please contact education.outreach@nas.edu.au or 02 9339 8751


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RAYNER HOFF & THE ANZAC MEMORIAL: The impact of war through drawing and sculpting

For Stage 5 and Stage 6 Students studying Visual Arts

TERM 2: Mondays 27 May / 17 June

TERM 3: Mondays 19 August / 16 September

TERM 4: Mondays 14 October / 21 October

Time: 9.30 am–3.30 pm

Cost: $640 per workshop (up to 20 students) includes all materials

To book please contact the National Art School on 9339 8751 or education.outreach@nas.edu.au

From 1931 to 1934, Rayner Hoff worked with eight assistants in his studio at the National Art School to create the sculptural works that adorn the Anzac Memorial buidling, as well as the breathtaking Sacrifice in the Hall of Silence. Hoff’s monumental figures are the culmination of his knowledge and skills in drawing and sculpture, as well as his personal experience as a soldier in the Great War.

Led by artists and educators from the National Art School and the Anzac Memorial, this full day workshop for secondary school students develops art making skills, techniques and process. Students will also gain an insight into the role of the artist and the artist’s studio in memorial sculpture and how art contributes to public memory as well as memorialisation.

This one day workshop takes place across two sites. Students will spend the morning exploring drawing techniques from reduced scale models of the buttress figures at the Anzac Memorial. After a short walk to the National Art School, students will then have the chance to realise their own 3D figures, working in the medium of clay in one of the sculpture studios. The day will also encompass an informative talk on Rayner Hoff and the practices of a sculptor’s studio in relation to the Anzac figures.

STAGE 5 VA5.1; 5.2; 5.3; 5.4; 5.5; 5.6
STAGE 6 Preliminary (Year 11) VA P1; P2; P3; P4; P5; P6

In partnership with the Anzac Memorial, Hyde Park Sydney.

Black and white photo of the sculptor with his work – the dead spartan warrior on his shield on the shoulders of the women who loved him. His wife, carrying their infant, holds the warrior’s head with her upturned hand.

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